About Ideal Ground Cover

Ideal Ground Cover (IGC) with our partners have preserved over 500 million sq ft of pine straw and mulch within Atlanta since 2006 when this process was pioneered.

IGC has grown not through advertising and marketing but through referrals. Our customer service is unmatched in the industry and as a result we have established a loyal customer base.

Mission and History

Ideal Ground Cover’s (IGC) mission is to provide the landscaping industry with the most desirable, beautiful, valuable and cost-saving products and services.

In August of 2006 a new colorant approach was pioneered for the application of an innovative preservative and colorant to pine straw and has revolutionized the landscaping industry. Prior to this the landscaping industry had been dormant in product development for years. As soon as a “prospect saw the unmatched beauty and longevity of our product, the cost savings becomes obvious and they quickly became clients." The product and the process was so successful that IGC covered their initial start-up investment in the first month of operation and are rapidly becoming recognized as the industry leader for innovative landscaping techniques and applications. We, with our affiliates now have a client list in the hundreds in the Atlanta area and have covered over 500 million square feet. The cost reduction in landscaping and the sheer beauty of the product are hallmarks of IGC.

Our Works

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