Pine Straw 101:

Pine straw is a ground cover that decomposes just like any organic material. The problem is that pine straw decomposes at such a fast rate. There are generally 2 types of pine straw: Slash & Long Leaf. Slash is shorter in length and girth and has a shorter life span before decomposition sets in. Long Leaf is 3X the size in both length and girth. When comparing two similarly aged bales of each type of straw, 1 bale of Slash will cover approximately 50 square feet. A bale of Long Leaf aged the same, will cover approximately 70 square feet.

What IGC does:

IGC has found a way to carefully seek out the correct type and minimally aged pine straw and apply a colorant to it so that the life span of the straw is extended. IGC has been able to buy a large portion of the industry's Long Leaf supply and, through the power of bulk purchase, is able to get this higher quality pine straw for a price lower than most can get Slash. The colorant, while coating the pine straw with a protective colorant, also provides for an eye-popping natural color that lasts throughout this increased life span. IGC provides a 9 MONTH GUARANTEE from the date of application!

How to maintain it:

Instead of replenishing pine straw 2X a year and in each of those instances the straw turning white, then gray and starting to breakdown and break apart within the first 8 to 12 weeks, IGC enables property owners to replenish and color ONLY once per year. Add to this that it costs the property owner less money year after year, and you see why it is such a great product and idea. It saves money and looks like new for one year.