Mulch 101:

Mulch ground cover of all kinds brings a different type of re-occurring maintenance cost. The initial cost of installing mulch is much more expensive than that of pine straw. Furthermore, it decomposes slower and creates a problem if you keep refreshing/adding mulch once or twice a year. If the level of mulch builds up too much it will suffocate your vegetation. Therefore, in order to bring the color back to your mulch beds, most often property owners are forced to remove all mulch and completely replace with new. So, year after year they are burdened with the same initial cost, but also must pay to get rid of their existing mulch.

What IGC does:

Using a colorant, you can generally save 50% to 75% of the cost of applying new mulch on a yearly basis by just coloring the mulch in your bed. In addition to coloring existing mulch, IGC can provide colored hardwood mulch. However, it costs approximately $65 per cubic yd to purchase and apply new colored hardwood mulch. IGC can topically color the existing mulch for $15 per cubic yd, saving the client $50 per cubic yd.

How to maintain it:

Because it doesn't decompose as fast as pine straw, you can color most wood fiber mulches up to five times. Each time the colorant will last six to nine months.